What is the average penis length?

All men have doubts about the lengt of their penis. The most frequently mentioned for white men is an average penis length of 14.5 cm in erection.



What is the average length of a normal penis? – not in erection

A penis that not is in erection measures about 2/3 of the length of an erect penis. The average length of a ‘normal’ penis of an adult male is 9.8 cm.

How do you measure the average penis length?

If you want to determine if your penis is larger or equal to the average length then you should measure your penis from the pubic bone to the tip of the glans.

Until what age does your penis grow?

Your penis grows when you get older. Your penis really begins to grow when you hit puberty. Between your 10th and 15th year you will see that your penis is growing properly. Your penis stops growing around your 20th birthday. Below you can see what the average length of a penis is by age:

Age - Average penis length
12 years – from 7.1  to 10.4 cm
13 years - from 8.7 to 13.6 cm
14 years - from 9.8 to 14.6 cm
15 years - from 11.8 to 15.3 cm
16 years - from 12.5 to 15.7 cm
17 years - from 13.5 to 15.9 cm
18 years - from 13.7 to 16 cm

When is your penis small?

An erect penis length of 11 till 20 cm is generally considered as normal. 1 in 5.000 man has a penis smaller than 10 cm. The smallest penis ever recorded was 1.5 cm.

When is your penis large?

An erect penis larger than 22 cm is regarded as very large. 1 in 10.000 men has a penis larger than 22 cm. The largest penis ever recorded was 33cm.

What is the average penis length in the world?

The largest average penis length can be found in Africa. Research shows that men in Congo and Ghana have the largest average penis length (18 cm). The smallest average length of a penis can be found in Asia. 9.6 cm.